DIY garden replacement

People who know me well know that about 3 years ago, my wife and I bought a house in need of a lot of TLC. This week's decision has been that we should redo the garden before hay fever season makes it horrendous to go outside.

We've got a lot ahead of us. The grass isn't appropriate for a lawn, there's stones everywhere, and Rachael wants a vegetable patch. The current plan of campaign is to use two weekends to do it.

Weekend 1 plans

  • Hire a sod cutter and remove the entire top surface of the garden.
  • Tear down the remains of the shed.
  • Place new turf over the lawn area.
  • Cover the area that's going to be vegetable garden with plastic sheeting.
  • Cover the area that'll be used to extend the patio with plastic sheeting.
  • Cover the area that'll be used for a new shed with plastic sheeting.

Weekend 2 plans

  • Buy a new shed, cement, and a taller pole for the satellite dish.
  • Cement in the tall pole.
  • Move the satellite dish and recable.
  • Lay the shed foundations.
  • Put up the new shed (just for storage space, no need for power/light).
  • Lay extra patio.
  • Start putting in raised beds (large) for the vegetable garden.

As you can see, this is a fairly hefty work plan; I hope we're up to it...